Meet Transindia’s team

meeraMeera Darji | Director, Producer, Cinematographer/DOP

“As the Director and DOP for Transindia I was able to have both the narrative and visual creative control over the film. It was a challenging yet exciting role, in which I feel overwhelmed to have met with the Hijra community and capture such novel and unseen footage of their lives.”




Rashmi Bhagat Interviewer, Locations Manager

“As the interviewer, it was challenging at times, but I had a fantastic experience. Meeting and speaking to the Hijras was the highlight, and I gained further knowledge into their history; I saw their passion right before my eyes. I can’t wait to see the finished film that I can proudly say I worked on.”




Sheila Darji Sound, 1st AD

“Being in charge of the sound was a challenging yet an exciting role. I had to make sure I was always recording in the correct moments so that I didn’t miss any crucial information. Listening closely to the journey’s of the Hijras was a fascinating experience and a huge eye-opener.”





Nishtha Bhagat Boom Operator

“The whole month of production was one of the best months of my life. It was truly a life-changing experience, and I learnt so much about the Hijras. As the boom operator I was present in all of the scenes, which were all moving. I enjoyed working with the crew who I can call my family.”






Nitish Tailor Runner

“Creating Transindia was an amazing experience. I was able to see the whole production right before my eyes, and to hear the real stories from the Hijras was touching. A production in India is definitely hard-work, but it came together so smoothly and was a worthy journey.”



vijayVijay Thakor Driver, Runner

“Driving is my hobby and with Meera’s project, I was able to explore so many different villages and cities in India. I was very happy to provide a helping hand, and really enjoyed the whole production. Meeting the Hijra community was an eye-opener, especially as an Indian citizen.