Transindia wins Best Documentary Short Award at #KMIQFF

Very happy to announce that Transindia has WON the Award for Best Documentary Short at the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival I am extremely grateful and so pleased!

This award goes out to the entire Hijra community, for being such kind, wonderful and vibrant people, where I will not stop fighting for your rights and I wish you receive the rights and respect you deserve. Thank you to of course my incredible family for their support, my tutors for guiding me and everyone who supported my journey. Thank you to #‎KMIQFF for this wonderful opportunity.

Jury Citation

For its sharp focus on the gritty realities of transgendered Indians in a smaller town, for its honest cast of characters who tell their own truths with power and poignancy, for being truthfully informative about the history of hijras and the contexts in which they must exist, and lastly for its unique voice in stressing the need for trans-inclusion in our larger society, this year’s BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT is Meera Darji’s TRANSINDIA.


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