Sania masi © Meera Darji Photography“On the inside I always had feelings of a women” – Sania masi

Meet Sania masi who has been a Hijra for 12 years. She first discovered she was in the wrong body when she was young. Her mother used to discourage her and question why she was interested in looking like a female. However, after waving incense sticks around the house, asking her neighbours and getting her palms read, her mother came to terms that her son was discovering who he truly was.

Sania struggled at first to find a place in society. Through plight, struggle and sex work she made ends meat. After joining the Hijra community she felt a sense of belonging with her fellow disciples. Yet still hasn’t found the happiness she seeks.

Hear Sania’s full story of struggles, how she met her Guru, her new job and life by watching the full film, Transindia. Transindia can be purchased via here.